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Mar 5, 2012 3:00am PST
, indiana leaving a wasteland in its wake. school buses tossed like footballs. >> we were just trying to do our best to get every kid, you know, home before the thing hit. >> reporter: with the tornado upon them, grown acted quickly to get three children, including his daughter, off the bus and in a church basement. >> i could hear stuff. and then i could also see like the stuff spinning in the air outside of the windows. >> reporter: in west liberty, kentucky a woman prayed fervently that the approaching menace would go away. >> take this up away from our home. >> it was coming up over the hill and it began forming and you could see the funnel. knocked the porch right off. i watched it go. >> reporter: her house was spared. so much of the town was not. in pekin, indiana little angel babcock's mom, dad, and two siblings died in the storm not far from the field where she was found. sadly, doctors later took her off life support. >> i reached for her hand and was holding her hand. and i don't know what made me let go. but she went and picked her arms straight up. she was a daddy's girl.
Mar 5, 2012 2:05am EST
tornado zone. >> it's hard to believe that harsh winter weather is hitting henryville, indiana after summer-like killer tornadoes tore through the area. abc's ginger zee is there. good morning, ginger. >> reporter: good morning, rob and paula. yesterday we flew over the tornadic annihilation. we've seen a lot of images like this on the ground. but to see it from above was something completely different. when you see all of the homes wiped from their foundation, you see the trees that have been snapped and plucked from that huge tornado, and really when you fly above it it gives you that width or that breadth that it covered, at times a half a mile, this ef 4 monster had winds of 175 miles per hour. and boy, could you see it from up there in that chopper. so we went over not only the town of pekan, where poor baby angel at this time we found was taken off life support. and that was that one family who now was altogether taken from that tornado. but in pekan the tornado then moves to henryville. from there to marysville, where one church stands alone. so many stories of lucky survival
Mar 22, 2012 2:35am EDT
started. >> wins by kentucky, indiana, baylor, michigan state, louisville, duke, murray state are already out. i also need wins by syracuse, wisconsin, the ohio state buckeyes and north carolina. >> the sports guy can keep scoring with kentucky, indiana, baylor, michigan state, louisville, marquette and florida. also syracuse, ohio state, north carolina and kansas. all his other teams have gone home. my picks, kentucky. forget about bcu. also need baylor, spartans and louisville and marquette. i have syracuse, ohio state, my tar heels and rock chalk those jayhawks from kansas. >> last but not least, carolina and david are pulling for kentucky and indiana. also wisconsin, ohio state and kansas for them to have any hope. they need the hawks to win it all and then they filled out their brackets. they didn't put university of florida. they put fu all the way. >> the final four team that remains, you, jamie and your kids, each have three. i have two teams left. and a big concern whether injuries to the tar heels may hurt their chances. could be a broken wrist. tune in for that. we'll h
Mar 6, 2012 2:35am EST
think on your feet that quickly. >>> well, the indiana toddler who died two days after a twister ravaged her home was buried yesterday along with her mom, dad, and two siblings. >> as survivors struggle of course to clean up and rebuild, more incredible images from the tornado outbreak are now surfacing. abc's ginger zee is in henryville, indiana. >> reporter: good morning, rob and paula. i am standing inside someone's home, the kitchen right behind me now in the living room. but what this home is missing is half of the house. the walls are gone. and this is like so many other homes in henryville and across this entire region. the force of nature was just that. and we have new video to show you. some new video from residents scared -- >> i could hear it coming from behind me. there ain't no trucks back there. so it came and it kept getting closer and closer, a real roaring noise. you ever hear a train sitting on a track running? well, it sounded like about ten of them. >> reporter: here's what else we learned. they did have an emotional town meeting where hundreds came out desper
Mar 9, 2012 2:40am PST
administrators in henryville, indiana just announced their 1,200 displaced students will be bused o'two temporary schools in nearby towns. high school and middle school towns will be in an industrial building. the younger kids will go to a former private school. >> we're excited to figure out where they're going to be going. they're going to keep all the elementary in one school. it will be an adjustment. but you know, we're stronger than those tornadoes. so we'll all come together and we'll make it through it. >> resilience in the face of tragedy as always. elementary students will resume classes there in about ten days. >>> another tragic avalanche in the northwest. the bodies two of skiers have been found in wyoming. buried under mounds of snow. steve robio and chris onafor, both well-known back country skiers, were caught in an 11,000-foot slide at grand teton national park on wednesday. searchers found them after picking up signals from their avalanche beacons. >>> well, that powerful solar storm that threatened the earth's magnetic fields turned out to be just a scare, thankfully. the solar
Mar 30, 2012 2:35am EDT
surveillance video from inside a school bus as a deadly twister ripped through henryville, indiana, earlier this month. hail and debris swirled as the bus was lifted off the ground and tossed into a diner. it happened just minutes after the bus driver got all the children off and took cover in a school. >> look at that. >> isn't that incredible? >> fury of mother nature. oh, man. >> makes you imagine what it might be like. >> no, no, please. >>> here's a look at your friday forecast. hopefully calmer weather today. isolated tornadoes, though, hail and 70-mile-an-hour winds from indianapolis into the ohio valley. some evening rain in pennsylvania and the mid-atlantic. pop-up showers through the southeast and gulf coast. mountain snow in the northwest. heavy rain and flooding from seattle to northern california. >> near 70 in sacramento. 80 in colorado springs. 55 in chicago. 46 in detroit. baltimore gets up to 60. and new orleans, 81. >>> before we show you this next video, a warning first. please, please do not try this at home. not that most of you will ever have the chance, though, to act
Mar 20, 2012 2:35am EDT
indiana pool championship? so anyway, there was an international polo championship last week. a woman has only one arm and took first place. this is pretty impressive. look at this video a little while ago. from an equilibrium standpoint. for her to be able to do this. when she participates in this sort of thing she, takes it off and hats off to her. >> definitely give her a hand. that's impressive. that's good stuff. >> give her a hand? >> that was unintentional. oh, paula. an interesting story out of here in new york city. we hear these awful stories where an animal escapes from a zoo. a guerrilril gorilla incident. and they had to trink willize the thing to get it to -- drug it to drag it out of there. the only person hurt was the keeper. they say it was more about the gorilla being excited than an act of aggression. this thing could have ripped, without blinking, ripped your arm out of a socket. they could have gotten way throughout the entire zoo. luckily they got it tranquilized fast enough. >> did you know that helium is a natural resource? scientists are mad because they
Mar 1, 2012 2:35am EST
, a fifth-grader in indiana has been suspended from school because she dyed her hair blue. 10-year-old rachel neely only has streaks of the color left in her blond tresz bses but she wa told not to come back to school until it's gone. she dyed her hair with kool-aid during a sleepover and several attempts to wash it out failed. she says her biggest fear is failing fifth grade. >>> encouraging news for our insomniac viewers this morning. a study just out from the journal "sleep" shows that your ability to go to sleep and stay asleep improves as you get older. researchers say the people with the fewest sleep complaints are in their 80s. close for us. they note an increase in sleep problems, though, in middle age patients and that more women than men have trouble getting their zs. >> when you work this shift i think you age in dog years. so we're close. >> every year on this show is actually five years of real life. >> we're close. >> we're almost in our 80s. >> well, you're close. >>> even though it's march 1st there's still time to celebrate leap day at disneyland and disney world. >> f
Mar 19, 2012 2:05am EDT
, indiana, baylor, michigan state, marquette and florida. >> and also still alive syracuse, wisconsin, ohio, and ohio state, not to mention north carolina and north carolina state. >> it brings us to the new standings in the second annual "world news now" march madness competition. it gives me great pleasure to say i sit atop the standings in my loser michigan jersey along with a tie with jamie "the sports guy" mccarty, both of us with 43 points. >> that's right. and i stand in for rob this morning. so i will tell you that rob is just two points back and and j. further back. joining us with his take on all this competition and much more is commissioner jack sheehan. welcome back. >> thanks for having me back. long weekend is right. maddening. st. patrick's day, the whole nine yards. i got a toothache. >> do you remember what happened this weekend? >> yeah. for the most part. for the most part. let's go inside the numbers, shall we? >> yes. >> sweet 16 teams left. jamie "the sports guy" mccarty, 11. paula, you have 10. rob has 9. and caroline and j.j. have 6. >> but they called lehigh
Mar 7, 2012 2:40am PST
indiana. but you know, i'd like to see him go get another couple super bowls. >> reporter: if the colts do part ways with peyton, fans wonder what the future holds for the team. >> i hope if it does happen it's done in a classy fashion because you know, don't make peyton mad. he's going to come back and get us. >> hopefully we'll get somebody out here and get us to the super bowl soon. >> i think last year we saw that one man can make a team. but i think it's something where if we're rebuilding and got the right players on this team we could rebound real fast. >> reporter: erica fly, abc news, indianapolis. >> yeah, the stats say it all. never missed a start before last season. 11 playoff -- been in the playoffs 11 times. seven afc south titles in eight years. two afc championships. one super bowl title. one super bowl mvp award. the man's done it all. >> he's had three neck surgeries, though. he's going to be 36 at the end of the month. but he's not -- >> old in football years. >> it is old in football years. he's going to have to prove to himself that he could stay healthy. he didn't
Mar 8, 2012 2:40am PST
a henryville, indiana car dealership on their front lawn. the wind blew it 330 miles away. that deposit slip is dated 1987. >> mother nature. unbelievable. hail, 70-mile-an-hour winds, and also a chance of tornadoes from dallas and shreveport and nashville. some raining in the ohio valley. record highs in the northeast with rain moving in later tonight. some snow showers from minnesota to michigan. >> 42 in albuquerque. 67 in sacramento. 56 in seattle. upper 40s in omaha and detroit. 66 here in the big apple. 70 in atlanta. 78 in new orleans. >> nawlins. >> nawlins. >>> well, if you enjoy a good gouda or a beta chheda you might want to feast your eyes on this. >> it is the world champion cheese contest. bringing the world's tastiest cheeses. to madison, wisconsin. the top prize went to a vermeer made in the netherlands. two cheeses from switzerland clinched second. i'm not sure cheese curds were part of the competition. we still have to get you some. >> that's a midwestern delicacy. >> it's a wisconsin thing. >> the contest right here is actually held every two years, and there
Mar 16, 2012 2:35am EDT
hang on for a 62-59 victory, setting up a meeting with the indiana hoosiers. >> so now the big question. what does it all mean for the second annual "world news now" march madness competition? what does it mean? >> well, here's the leaderboard. that's what i can tell you. rob nelson is out in front again. he went 15-1 yesterday. wow. nice job. >> yeah. >> paula, you are in second place. >> i've got the silver. >> also a very respectable 12-437. >> jamesie "the sports guy" mccarty is one behind me 1:001-5. and my little ones, j.j. and caroline, are 8-8. but it is early in the competition. >> it certainly is. once again joining us this morning here at the picks commissioner jack sheehan. >> happy st. patrick's day eve. >> where did my hat go? >> hat went somewhere. >> put this on. just for the spirit. >> i'll go for that. the commish went 13-3 yesterday. that's pretty good. >> not bad. >> that's pretty good. >> couple of notes. higher seeds won 14 of the 16 games. yesterday. so that was -- >> like you said, it was according to form. >> we have that v.o. of baylor? look at these u
Search Results 0 to 27 of about 28 (some duplicates have been removed)